• Single 18-inch
  • 1 x 18-inch LF cone driver, Hybrid Horn / Reflex Loaded


The Tecnare SW18VR is an advanced very compact high power Bass enclosure that can be stacked or flown together in array configuration with CLa21 Line Source. The SW18VR loudspeaker is housed with one 18-inch long excursion transducer in hybryd configuration, designed to reproduce a clean “punchy “ low frequency response . This highefficiency design delivers extremely low distortion, coherent bass output from 48 Hz to 200Hz with a max SPL of 138 dBSPL (12dB crest factor pink noise at 1m)  and a power handling of 2400 W watts continuous. The impedance is nominal 8 ohms.

SW18VR enclosure is designed to be flown or ground-stacked. Combination of forward and rear facing enclosures can be configured as a directional subwoofer array with specific directional properties, including cardioid.

The SW18VR is fully capable of operating without SubBass in applications where extreme LF performance is not required.

The loudspeaker is constructed of 18 mm ply Baltic birch and have an impact resistant paint finish, properly braced for the intended use and a rugged steel grill. The connectors are Neutrik™ NL4. The SW18VR incorporate Tecnare’s rigging integrated with CLa21 line source rigging hardware.


  • High output bass system
  • 1 x 18-inch-LF cone driver, Hybrid Horn/Reflex loaded
  • Optimally vented for increased response


  • Concert Hall
  • Stadium, arenas, theatres and Auditorium
  • Club sound reinforcement
  • Suitable for flown or ground stacked used.

Engineering Specifications

  • Color Versions
    • White color
    • Black color
  • Multipurpose Top Grid: THV-21/18V
  • TRK-18VR rigging hardware kit for one SW-18VR
  • Wooden dolly TWD-18VR
  • Two-high SW-18VR Transit Cover: Covers two stacked
  • Three-high SW-18M Transit Cover: Covers three stacked
    • SW18VR A. DSP Fixer on factory
    • SW18VR PCC-3 Network controlled DSP

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