• Double 18-inch
  • 2 x 18-inch LF cone driver, Vented Subwoofer


The SW-218EB is a high performance loudspeaker defined by its exceptional headroom and an Extended frequency response.

The SW218EB housing two linear, high-excursion 18-inch cone drivers mounted in a vented cabinet and optimally tuned port with flared ends to reduce turbulence and noise under high drive conditions.

The loudspeaker’s 28Hz to 100Hz operating frequency range allow it to integrate with any Tecnare Loudspeaker System. When the SW218EB operate in infrasub mode others Tecnare subwoofers can be used to extend up the frequency response.

The optional rigging kit (factory-installed option) allow the loudspeaker to be flown. Rigging system allow accomodate reversed units for flown cardioid array.

To guarantee optimum performance, the SW218EB should be used in combination with T20-44 amplifier. The T20-44 provide power as well as advanced crossover function and the limiting ensures maximum driver protection, minimizing power compression while yielding high constant output under high continuous and peak power conditions. A different preset library is offer from the most of application even standard or cardioid configuration. Three low-pass filter are available.

This exceptional features, coupled with big headroom and optimized rigging options, makes the SW-218EB a flexible tool for low-end directional applications for large-scale tours and installations.
The subwoofer cabinet is constructed of first grade birch plywood and has an high-quality Polyurea paint finish. The front of the subwoofer is protected by a hex-stanmped, steel grille backed by an acoustically transparent foam.

Two ground runners to protect the botton allow stacking the subwoofer in horizontal and vertical position. The subwoofer shall be connected via one 4-point speakON


  • High temperature 4.5-inch voice coil drivers
  • 2 x 18-inch-LF cone driver
  • High-output and high-definition sound


  • Stadium
  • Club sound reinforcement
  • Sound system rental
  • Arenas

Engineering Specifications

Application information is presented for guidance only. Exel Acoustics SL reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the products and the published specifications. As part of the ongoing development program Exel Acoustics SL tries to maintain the highest degree of product compatibility.

  • Colors Versions
    • White color
    • Black color
  • 100 mm rotating wheels
  • FUN-218EB Protective transit soft covers for one SW218V
  • Rigging Kit
  • THV-SW218EB Top Grid

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