IBZA 6 plus

IBZA 6 Plus


  • 2-WAY coaxial passive speaker
  • 1 x 6 ½-inch LF poliester driver, Vented box
  • 1 x 1-inch compression driver


The IBZA 6 Plus is a very small trapezoidal compact full range loudspeaker of studio quality, designed to be used in a wide variety of audio applications where a small size although very high output SPL is required.

The enclosure design allows for installation very close to walls and ceilings making it an ideal choice for under balcony, column, or wall mounting. The IBZA 6 Plus is a versatile, two-way passive system designed for applications where very high output is required from an ultra-compact enclosure. It features a long-excursion, 6 ½ “low frequency driver and a 1” compression driver attached to a horn, coaxially mounted. The combination exhibits smooth power response resulting in extremely natural voicing. It has been designed for use as stand-alone full-range speaker or together with a passive sub-woofer (e.g. the SW12MiniSub).

The box houses multiple internal rigging points for ground-support, truss and wall mounting, pole mount socket, and Speakon NL4 connectors. The enclosure has been made with the latest techniques ensuring a perfect and rigid construction. Weatherized finish is provided, as the cabinet is coated with rugged Polyurea texture finish and protected with special grills.

IBZA6 PLUS is only available on passive version.


  • Passive Ultra-Compact, vented two-way loudspeaker
  • 1 x 6½-inch-LF polyester cone/ 1 x 1-inch compression driver
  • 70º conical directivity


  • Background music in restaurant, disco, club.
  • Gyms, museums and AV spaces
  • Near-field applications
  • Retail outlets

Engineering Specifications

  • Colors Versions
    • White color
    • Black color
  • U-Bracket TUB-I6
  • Horizontal Array Frame
    • TAF2-I6P (2 speakers)
    • TAF3-I6P (3 speakers)
  • Wall Bracket

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