• Single 18-inch
  • 1 x 18-inch, Vented box


ESW-118 is a high power subwoofer system comprised of one 18-inch low frequency driver in a vented, front-loaded configuration for extended bandwidth. The rectangular cabinet is fitted with M10 threaded suspension points for ultimate flexibility.

The enclosure has been made with the latest techniques assuring a perfect and rigid construction.

As a part of Tecnare’s E Series, a versatile family of loudspeakers for a wide variety of fixed installation applications, ESW-118 provides a natural low-frequency sound quality.


  • High power and long excursion driver for lower frequency reproduction.
  • 1 x 18-inch-LF cone driver
  • Optimally vented for increased response


  • Performing spaces
  • Coporate Events
  • Multimedia spaces
  • Club & Bar
  • Educational facilities

Engineering Specifications

Application information is presented for guidance only. Exel Acoustics SL reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the products and the published specifications. As part of the ongoing development program Exel Acoustics SL tries to maintain the highest degree of product compatibility.

  • Colors Versions
    • White color
    • Black color
  • Wood dolly: TWD-118
  • Two-high SW-118M Transit Cover: Covers two stacked
  • Three-high SW-118M Transit Cover: Covers three stacked
    • ESW-118 A. DSP Fixer on factory
    • ESW-118 PCC-3 Network controlled DSP

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