• 3-WAY tri-amp enclosure
  • 2 x 12-inch LF cone Horn-Loaded
  • 1 x 12-inch MF cone Horn-Loaded
  • 2 x 1.4-inch HF compression driver


The bass section of the CLa312 consists of two 12” drivers coupled to a low flare folded horn. A horn always has the benefit of better control the pattern in which the sound is projected, avoiding the headroom bass problems on stage. The coherent sum of the mouths’ outputs of all the enclosures of the array extends the low frequency response (i.e.46Hz–3dB for an 8 array element). Nowadays for events in which very low frequency performance is needed, the use of extra subwoofers will be required.

For the mid frequencies reproduction, the CLa312 uses one very high output 12” neodimium loudspeaker, coupled to a phase corrector device that evenly spreads its response all over the mouth of the horn. That is fundamental for every well designed line array to avoid combing situations.

High frequency is handled by two 1.4” exit compression drivers attached to a pattern controlled (85º horizontal x 8º vertical) symmetrical curved wave guide, coupled to a non resonant horn.

The system’s shape is trapezoidal, so we can better angle and focus its elements. This feature could partially solve front fill applications, if the front fill focused elements could be managed independently apart from the other elements of the array. That can be done with the CLa312, as each loudspeaker is individually DSP controlled by its own digital processor.

Every CLa312 has built into it the amplifiers and digital control required to vary each of the features of the enclosure. This performance give us the possibility to program air absorption correction, modified eq’s and gain for front fill situations, directivity control… and all the parameters we need to optimize the overall performance. The CLa312 has built in proprietary hardware for simple, fast and safe rigging. The enclosure has been made with the latest techniques assuring a perfect and rigid construction. Weatherized finish is provided, as the cabinet is covered with rugged Durawound texture finish and protected with epoxy powder coating grills.


  • High-Power 3-way tri-amp enclousure
  • 2 x 12-inch-LF cone Horn-Loaded / 1 x 12-inch MF cone Horn-Loaded / 2 x 1.4-inch exit HF both waveguide attached CD horn
  • Exceptional pattern control due to symmetrical design and large horn(s)


  • Large-scale touring sound reinforcement for outdoor festivals, stadia, arenas and concert halls
  • Premium fixed installations in concert halls, theatres, disco and sports

Engineering Specifications

  • Top Grid: THV-312
  • Dolly: TWB-312 Dolly board
  • Transport wheels are available from TWB-312

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