• 2-WAY BI-AMP Enclousure
  • 2 x 8-inch LF cone, dipolar shape, Vented box
  • 1 x 1.4-inch HF compression driver on one waveguide


The Tecnare CLa208 array is an extremely compact high oputput, lightweight enclosure housing two 8-inches speakers, and one 1.4-inches compression driver attached to a waveguide device. The system can be supplied in active Pcc version or passive one. The active PCC version has an output connector to power one passive CLa208 box.

The CLa208 Array delivers extended bass response and well balanced clean mids and highs. High frequency is handled by one 3-inches voice coil, 1.4-inches exit compression driver attached to a 110ºx10º wave guide. The system’s shape is trapezoidal, so we can better angle and focus it’s elements. This feature could partially solve front fill applications, if the front fill focused elements could be managed independently a part from the other elements of the array. This can be done with the active CLa208 Array versions, as each loudspeaker, or group of 2 speakers, are individually DSP controlled by it’s own digital processor. This performance give us the possibility to program air absortion correction, modified eq’s and gain for front fill situations, directivity control… and all the parameters we need to optimize the overall performance.

The CLa208 Array has built in proprietary hardware for simple, fast and safe rigging. The enclosure has been made with the latest techniques assuring a perfect and rigid construction. Weatherized finish is provided, as the cabinet is covered with rugged Durawound texture finish and protected with epoxy powder coating grills.

The system’s choice can be passive (CLa208), and self-powered without networking (CLa208A) or with networking remote PC control (CLa208 PCC-3).


  • Ultra-Compact two-way curvilinear array module
  • 2 x 8-inch-LF cone, dipolar shape / 1 x 1.4-inch (3-inch voice coil) mounted on one waveguide
  • Exceptional pattern control due to symmetrical design.


  • Theater
  • Touring sound, sports arenas
  • Near-field applications
  • hotel ballrooms live clubs and disco
  • corporate A/V, performing arts centers

Engineering Specifications


Application information is presented for guidance only. Exel Acoustics SL reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the products and the published specifications. As part of the ongoing development program Exel Acoustics SL tries to maintain the highest degree of product compatibility.

  • Colors Versions
    • White color
    • Black color
  • Multipurpose Top Grid: THV-208
  • Transition Frame CLa208 to SW118M: TTF-118-208
  • Transition Frame CLa21 to CLa208: TTF-Cla21-208
  • Wooden dolly CLa208: TWD-208
  • Three-high CLa208 Transit Cover: Covers three stacked
  • Four-high CLa208 Transit Cover: Covers Four stacked
    • CLa-208 A. DSP Fixer on factory
    • CLa-208 PCC-3 Network controlled DSP

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