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Product & Application Support

Product & Application Support

Application Support

A team of Tecnare’s experts, is always ready to provide customers with comprehensive information to ensure that they have the necessary tools and information to help them select the most suitable products for their applications/installations.

We also want to be sure that our products are properly installed and adjusted/tuned so that each satisfied customer may eventually become our company’s best advertisement and an excellent reference for future jobs, together with the TECNARE image of sound, quality, reliability and service.

Thanks to our experience and the advantages of a wide product rage, TECNARE is always able to deliver the most appropriate solution for any audio systems requirement, no matter how complex.
The technical support is managed by a team of product specialists and audio systems engineers who rely on their own skills and experience, work with the utmost professionalism in dealing with all requirements related to product and project design.

Contact application support:

E-mail Aplication Support: Request Form

Phone: +34 918 170 110 Ι +34 918 171 001

Fax: +34 918 183 053

Design Assistance

Sound Perfect, is perfect.

No two projects are the same. The acoustics vary from venue to venue. This is why sound planning is vital in determining how the actual sound will be heard at the location. For that reason, the choice of speakers and sound design as well as quality of the installation process and the use by the operators is critical to quality installation. This means that you sometimes need call on the experience of specialists.

Of course, you want to get the best possible result for your customer. That is where Tecnare Sales Application Specialist (SAS)  can offer you our support throughout an entire project. With their extensive technical knowledge and practical experience, they are happy to advise every step of the way and can even assist during the final stages of testing, setting and tuning at a venue.

The Tecnare Sales Application Specialist are committed to working at your side to ensure and to elaborate the most accurate technical solution according to the technical and economic criteria of a project.

Starting right is Projects Study with simulation software such as EASE Focus1, 2 or 3 and EASE 4.4 and CAD software like a AutoCAD® or Sketup®.

Depending of the complexity of the project and requirements, Tecnare Engineers often act in two possible way.

1.- We can return a technical validation report, suggestions and optimizations, based on your configuration project and your acoustic study.

2.- Based on a your collect of information on site and a technical brief about application, Tecnare technical support team will conduct a study of acoustic coverage (direct SPL) providing a acoustic simulation and corresponding optimized system configuration: speaker sound design, amplfication and electronic control sysetm, accessories, etc.

To do so, we ask for basic information about you, your project and the deliverables needed from us. Thus you can share it with the Tecnare SAS Engineers to define the right solution.

We look forward to receiving your request and working with you on your project!

Contact design service:

Design Services: Request Form

Final Tunning

In addition to project stude, SAS Engineer can be involved in the final calibration, system check and tuning, as well as a site construction progress visit during installation and a follow-up visit after the final tuning.

At the same time Tecnare SAS Team can deliver product technical training to technicians in charge of use of the system.

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